2008 Lead Teacher Days

Term 2:
Visit to Hillcrest Normal School and Rototuna School, Hamilton.
Thoughts and impressions:
Hillcrest Normal School:
- learning journeys capture a powerful learning moment.
- rich tasks - not inquiry.
- large scrapbook folders show the school journey in key competencies - kept as exemplars.
- 'Hillcrest Backpack' - what does the child look like?
- Key Competencies - evidence through major units of work - more focussed - linked into a learning context.
- celebration is followed by analysis.
- student voice - comment on strategies within a context.
- parent focus groups.
- Key Competency contexts include production, camp, active games, enviro school, international festival, arts festival.
- Key Competencies are not visual as it is so integrated.
  • Teachers bring a photograph of a powerful learning moment to intro meeting / use teacher PD photos to write initial learning stories
  • Vocabulary needed to be developed
  • Interactive whiteboard 'homepage' - links to books, rich task, register...
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Thoughts and impressions:
Rototuna School:
- vision started with an agreed teaching philosophy.
- clear vision - what does a Rototuna student know, do and be (hand, heart, head) - dispositions.
- graphic example of Rototuna learner in every room - magnetic dispositions aid teaching moments.
- all stakeholders have ownership of the vision - staff, students, parents.
- all learning activities relate directly to the dispositions of the Rototuna learner.
- balance of skills v knowledge in curriculum.
- values linked to beliefs.
- Being a NZer ongoing knowledge based unit.
- Learning Journals for each student provide a clear snapshot of student moment - show process, progress with feedback and feedforward.
- Individual targets set in Learning Journals
- Reflective practice - ask students what are you learning, why are your learning it and how does it help you with your learning.
- no stickers, stamps or certificates - just quality feedback and feedforward.
- reflection time at 2.50 every day - parents invited in.
- homework book provided by school for consistency.
- Big concepts decided on in Science, Technology and Social Science.
- Clear documentation so that all staff have a clear understanding.
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