Lead Teacher Day - April 3, 2009

Guiding Question
New Zealand Curriculum
What recent professional development has been done towards the implementation of the NZC?
What ideas or tasks have worked well in the course of this pd?
What were one or two of the pitfalls or problems?
What are you going to do next?
Bucklands Beach Wiki
How useful is it?
How can we use it better?
Bucklands Beach ICTPD wiki - resource for the future
Maintaining momentum.

Macleans Primary:
1. Looked at motto and vision. Looked at visions from other schools. UN Pillars of Learning - basis for school vision.
2. 'Learning to Be - Learning to Learn - Learning to Live Together' - fit the KC into the school vision. Unpacked.
3. Macleans learner visual representation. Put KCs into child speak.
4. School crest??? Future?
5. Curriculum - parent consultation and surveys, board meetings, staff meetings. Did not want to throw out and start anew. Use Macleans learner to drive. 2006 began parent consultation - what is important for my child, explained the draft curriculum.
6. Looked at what worked well and what do you want to keep. Working with themes for focus - slot into 3year overview.
7. Next steps - embedding the KCs into the themes - assessment - AOs.
8. Inquiry - working on Macleans learner first - then look at inquiry model.
9. Maybe a teaching model for Macleans. Rubric for KCs?

Mellons Bay:
1. Establish a motto and a vision through consultation of the stakeholders - teachers, parents, BOT, students. Mission Statement - 'Explore, Challenge, Learn - Be the best you can.'
2. What will learning look like, what does the learner look like by the end of Year 6?
3. Developed an Inquiry model. Implementing.
4. Looked at KC as a staff - developing.
5. Established a framework for developing local curriculum. Beginning to write.
6. Framework - guiding principles around curriculum delivery (purpose, delivery, resources, expectations, evidence), support material i.e. inquiry model, visualisation of learning in each classroom.
7. Sub committees set up, report to senior staff.

Bucklands Beach Primary:
1. Inquiry model established - happening in all classes.
2. Spent time doing lots of readings, discussions.
3. Parents meeting to introduce parents to 21st century learning and KCs. Participated in learning centres based around KCs.
4. Rewritten vision with KCs integrated.
5. Planned to get staff involved and upskill senior staff. - Lester Flockton, Principals group.
6. Implementation plan - 2 TOD - implementing through EFS focus with schoolwide planning (new).

Pigeon Mountain:
1. 2008 - Planning day for process.
2. Vision - 'Confident, Caring, Lifelong Learners' - Consultation with BOT, parents, teachers. Mission statement - Education with a Heart.
3. Whole staff meeting - upskill teachers with readings, blog, readings to BOT.
4. 2008 - Personalising Learning - staffmeeting
5. 2009 - KCs defined for PMPS. KCs translated into child-speak, indicators. Difficult to do.
6. Report at every BOT meeting.
7. TOD - creating student profiles - end of Y2, Y4, Y6 - what they look like, what will they be doing?
8. Student profiles given to parents and students.
9. Charter has been finalised - BOT owned and wanted their say in what was in it. Distributed - newsletter, PTA meetings. Define approaches to learning - what learning looks like in literacy and numeracy.
10. Next steps - essence statements.
11. Inquiry model - merged KCs into Inquiry model. Teachers don't own.
12. Parent engagement strategy - literacy, numeracy.
13. Implementing the Curriculum at PM - folder to teachers. Learning Areas, Appraisal, Coaching, Overview, Planning, Student Profiles.

1. Draft Curriculum Document - developed in sub- committees.
2. TOD - Mission Statement, Values and Beliefs, BBI student profile.
3. Inquiry model embedded into practice.
4. PD for upskilling staff, readings,
5. Reporting to parents changes - school expo
6. Eportfolio embedded into practice. - KCs
7. Feasibility study for IB underway.

Pigeon Mountain - Implementing the Curriculum folder

Student profiles and teacher profiles:
Mellons Bay
1. Inquiry model - What would we see the students doing and saying, what would we see the teacher doing and saying , what would the environment look like?
2. The power of the model is the students being able to articulate it.

Cluster wiki:
1. Share information
2. Share resources
3. Portal to resources
4. Example of best practice
5. Celebrating who we are
6. Framework of who we are
7. Sustaining best practice
8. A record
9. Collaboration on projects
  • - Key competencies
  • - Curriculum development (thinking,
  • - Inquiry
  • - Empowering staff
- how to tutorials
- online resources
- readings

A model of a teacher?

Lead Teacher Day June 2009: