Reflections on Cluster Events and Professional Development:

Collaborative Planning Sessions 2008:

"Good opportunity to sit as a team and (with Lenva's input) plan in detail- getting our creative juices flowing. Being together meant that the team were able to start off together and have progressed at even pace, able to support each other as the inquiry learning has developed across the team. Being able to spend an entire day focused on one area of learning ensured that we were able to look in depth at processes and were less consumed with end product. It was good professional development opportunity and having Lenva present to work through the BBI Inquiry Model improved the skills and confidence of the team immeasurably." - Team B - Bucklands Beach Intermediate School.

"Team A found our planning day very productive and useful. We used the day to learn new ICT skills to support our upcoming unit and to collaboratively plan our team A Olympics inquiry unit. It enabled us to work together when we were all fresh and motivated rather than after a full day of teaching. It also allowed us access to a wide range of resources including experts/ teachers. The other advantages of the planning day were that we were able to support each other in learning new skills as a team; It gave us a longer continuous time to plan for the students learning and we were able to use our lunch break to collect more resources and ideas and come straight back to our planning. In future it would be ideal to have one day per term for collaborative planning, it enabled our team to be organised and feel motivated about our learning for the next term. We felt really successful and were happy to share what we had achieved with the other year 7 teams, encouraging collaborative planning across the year group." - Team A, Bucklands Beach Intermediate School.

"Staff were generally very positive about collaborative planning. They appreciated the support and validation of ideas and found that there was a positive impact on their planning. The format used was straight-forward and clear, not overburdened. Evidence of the value has been that over time staff needs have changed and use of collaborative planning time has changed as a result. Staff now find it beneficial to communicate beforehand what the direction is – many now feel confident to have planned unit outline in teams prior to collaborative planning session with ICT co-ordinator. The collaborative planning session is being used to extend ideas, introduce further ICT skills/knowledge and reinforce the inquiry approach. Staff have all found sessions motivating and report a positive impact on effectiveness of teaching and learning." - Bucklands Beach Primary School

Earlier this year Team F had their planning day to collaboratively plan our 'Olympic Day' unit. By having all four teachers of Team F and Lenva Shearing and Phebe Sorensen for part of the day, we were able to brainstorm, plan and organise our 5 week inquiry unit more effectively. Phebe was there to
share what her team was doing, and Lenva offered her support in the inquiry and ICT components. With a large block of time, and without he interruptions of students, we achieved a great deal on this planning day. We were also able to spend some time on other curriculum plans for the term.
These planning days are absolutely excellent. I now see them as a vital part of the planning process for any new or innovative inquiry
unit. Having the chance to focus for an entire day, and to have all the teacher you need available, is great. - Team F, Bucklands Beach Intermediate.

Cluster Share Afternoons:

Bucklands Beach Primary School hosted the final cluster share for 2008 in October. All cluster schools willingly provided presenters and a range of workshops could be offered. It was interesting to note that some workshops were repeats of workshops offered earlier at other cluster sharing sessions. This was seen by many as a very positive feature, as it gave people opportunities they may have missed out on previously. People also commented that at each cluster share they had different personal and school learning needs and they were grateful that their current needs were being catered for by the wide range of workshops offered. Many workshops were co-presented by groups of students, demonstrating the depth of programmes in their schools. Workshops were well supported and participants were enthusiastic and motivated.

By having the Cluster Group meetings it is a great way of sharing usable and practical ideas in ICT for the classroom. It's great to actually see the ideas in a real setting and get to view student examples. The sessions I have personally enjoyed the most have been the 'hands on' workshops. For example - at the last Cluster Meeting I was able to have a go at 'stop motion animation' and now realise how easy it is! My class will definitely be doing that soon!
It's also good to get to meet some of the local teachers of the contributing primary schools. The Cluster Group meetings give us a chance to share ideas, discussion issues and move forward with a common goal. P.G. - Team Leader, Bucklands Beach Intermediate.

Tony Ryan 2009

Macleans Primary School
Professional Development
Feedback: Tony Ryan

Tony Ryan:
The feedback has been positive and very encouraging. There was a general feeling that he was a very entertaining presenter and that he kept everyone focussed.
As for the content teachers felt he gave practical ideas that could be integrated with ease.
At each syndicate’s planning day ideas from the P.D. were integrated. (Implementing ideas and using what they had heard.)
Many of our teachers have already been into his website and downloaded materials.
Teachers always feel motivated and inspired when they go to P.D. and can come back and say ‘that was worth it.’

Thank You
Hazel Deutschmann