Transformational Teaching with Tony Ryan - Feb 3 2009 - TEACHER ONLY DAY
Great ideas to implement key competencies into the classroom curriculum and keep students engaged
- KC each week
- Learning Areas should fit into the KCs, not the other way around
- 5 KC strategies each unit
- Avoid the word 'but'
- Use proactive language
- Establish quality thinking climate
- Use meta-self
- Graphic organisers free up short term memory
- Halve the number of words you use
- 5 word requests
- First 90 secs has the most impact on students. First 5 minutes sets thinking tone for a lesson
- Reflection - 5 key messages
- Paraphrase

Trevor Bond (Click here for more)

Getting a grip on inquiry

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Getting a grip on questioning

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Getting a grip on competencies

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Getting a grip on values

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Learning@School Conference - Rotorua Feb 24-27 2009

4 presentations were made at this conference by Bucklands Beach Cluster members.

They were:

Year 4 children and their Blog Journey - Hadleigh Benson and Year 4 students
Engaging students through online learning - Ian Dickinson
E-portfolios - A personal space for learning - Ian Fox, Lenva Shearing
Getting Tricky with Wikis - Lenva Shearing


Comments and Reflections


Mellons Bay

Macleans Pry

Pigeon Mountain


Keynote Speakers:
Andy Hargreaves - The Fourth Way: inspiration, innovation and sustainability
Pam Hook - Teaching and Learning - Tales from the Ampersand
Wes Fryer - The Landscape of 21st Century Learning: Personalised and differentiated.