Staff PD Term 4 2007
Staff Meeting -
Inquiry and Assessing Inquiry:

Staff Meeting - The Evolving Web:

Link to Lenva's Weebly Website - all links are live to Web2.0 Tools

Staff PD Term 3, 2007:
The emphasis this term has been on Inquiry. Most schools have been revising their Inquiry models and incorporating
the Key Competencies. The schools are discussing assessment, and how this supports with the Inquiry process with next
steps for learning.
Other pd has centred around skills and programmes, in particular Inspiration and Kidspiration, Google tips and tools, and
movie making.

Staff PD - movie making:

How to make a great movie

Digital Storytelling (staff pd):
Using ICT to narrate personal stories. This staff development session looked at how to use digital storytelling to develop
communication skills, organise ideas, express opinions, construct narrativesand write for a real audience.

Using Powerpoint to convey a strong message (staff pd):
Using ICT to enhance and extend learning. The focus of this staff development was using ICT (powerpoint) to put forward a strong

We also looked at image searches and using Flickr.